Meet the Piano Teacher: Eric Campbell

Your Piano Teacher's Early Years My personal music history began at home and at church.  At home my dad played all kinds of music on LP’s and 8 tracks (remember those?) on our home stereo.  We actually sat there and listened to it, whether blasting the Redcoat Marching Band album before a Georgia game, or celebrating Christmas playing Handel’s Messiah.  And I heard the most beautiful music at my church growing up… First Baptist of Decatur.  The church had graded children’s choirs, a 75-voice touring [...]

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The Magic of a New Piano

Have you experienced the magic of a new piano?  Sometimes it’s the feel of the keys and the melodic sounds that stir the emotions in your heart.  Other times, it’s the love behind the gift of music, or even the gift of a piano, that sparks the magic. We are honored to share Carol Grady’s story here about her loving husband and magical piano. “I finished practicing and walked over to my husband, my eyes welling up with tears.  ‘I can’t believe I can put [...]

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Piano Lesson Safety: Keep Up The Good Work!

As we hopefully close in on the last remnants of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to remember piano student and teacher health and safety. Regardless of whether you are implementing these measures as a means to thwart the pandemic or simply to avoid common viruses, these practices can prevent your exposure to germs and increase piano lesson safety. Clearly Communicate The first method of prevention is communication. Be sure to regularly communicate your expectations for hand washing, mask wearing, etc. to students before their [...]

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The Steinway VIRTUAL Piano Competition is here!

The 2020 Steinway Virtual Piano Competition, is here and it is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity. Although our struggle with COVID-19 may continue we are so glad to see amazing companies like Steinway & Sons who remain committed to the pursuit of superior artistic expression through piano performance. Whether you previously participated or are brand new to piano competition altogether this unique opportunity is a the perfect avenue! Open to pianists ages 17 and under who are residents in the United States and Canada, [...]

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“Nobody has ever told me they were happy they quit” ….. 

Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t walk through our doors and tell me they were sorry they quit taking piano lessons.  “Just imagine what I could be playing now” as they look wistfully at the pianos. Regardless the specific details the answers to why they quit are all generally the same, too.  “I thought playing the piano was for sissies,” “I wanted to be outside playing sports,” or “My piano teacher was mean.” (which almost always meant the teacher only expected them to [...]

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What you might not realize about your Piano Teacher…

The other day a piano teacher who we see often was in our store looking at the books in our print department. We said hello and exchanged pleasantries and I proceeded to ask her “how are your students doing?" "Are you looking for anything in particular, etc.?” Karen told me she had a 15 year old student whom she’d taught for years. They were kind of at a plateau in her lessons. Other interests ( boys, sports, social media) were creeping in and she wanted to [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Learn to Play Piano Online

We live in an age of instantaneous information being exchanged at the speed of light, with the world’s collective knowledge at our literal fingertips. With access to the internet, there isn’t much you cannot learn and discover for yourself. As wonderful as this is, there are just some things that the internet cannot aide you with, and developing artistic skill with musical instruments, unfortunately, can be one of them. We firmly believe that one should not learn to play piano online. Basic information on playing instruments [...]

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10 Reasons WHY learning to play the piano, as Adults, is AWESOME!

According to NAMM Global report, 82% of adults who don’t play a musical instrument wish they did. Instead of wishing, hoping, thinking and praying (see what I did there…lol) adults should realize that it is never too late to learn to play the piano.  In today’s blog article we take a look at 10 reasons WHY learning to play the piano as an adult is AWESOME! Reason #1 – Because learning to play the piano at a young age ISN’T always awesome.  Far too many parents force [...]

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Enhance your Piano Student’s Experience with Popular Sheet Music

At Turner’s Keyboards, we believe in a classical piano education complete with great technique and music reading.  We would never short cut our students and or allow them to short cut themselves.  That said, new generations of piano students, require new approaches to keep them interested.  As the students continue to get younger, we truly feel that you can enhance your piano student’s music learning experience with popular sheet music! While physical technique, accuracy and music ready mastery are important they only share weight with interpretation [...]

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Top 5 Piano Technique Mistakes

If you took piano lessons as a child I am sure you remember your teacher barking at you, "curved fingers!", “sit up straight”.  Nearly every generation of piano students have heard the same things over and over but technique is important.  Good technique leads to skilled pianists who can read music and play it equally as well.  Here are the top 5 piano mistakes that students make in learning technique. Piano Mistakes: Technique #1- Flat Fingers Students have a tendency to flatten their fingers by collapsing [...]

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How to Encourage Your Child to Practice Piano.

Teaching your child music is both a dully important and daunting task.  With great reward comes great responsibility for parents.  After heavily weighing the options for instrument and teacher, then comes the practice routine.  The daily grind of begging, bribing and tears for many can wear on a parent’s resolve to keep their children immersed in music.  So, just HOW do you get your child to practice piano without tears or fights? The answer is not simple.  Oftentimes, parents will resort to the same methods that [...]

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How to Choose the Best Piano Teacher for Your Child

Your child wants to learn to play the piano, but where do you start? You have to find not only a suitable instrument, you have to find the right person to teach your child, but how do you know who is a good fit for lessons? It can be an overwhelming process to select a teacher for your child’s piano lessons, so to that end, we’ve provided a few tips. INTERVIEWING PROSPECTIVE PIANO TEACHERS Interviewing prospective teachers is good way of finding one that meets your [...]

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What Age Should My Child Start Piano Lessons?

Giving your child the gift of a musical education is beneficial in many ways. Almost all children LOVE music! However, parents are often faced with the challenge of knowing at what age it would be appropriate for their child to start piano lessons. WHY LET CHILDREN LEARN PIANO Studies have shown that music education enhances a child’s comprehension abilities, helps them with math concepts, assists in the development of fine motor skills, and helps to build self-confidence. Many children with special needs have been known to [...]

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