At Turner’s Keyboards, we believe in a classical piano education complete with great technique and music reading.  We would never short cut our students and or allow them to short cut themselves.  That said, new generations of piano students, require new approaches to keep them interested.  As the students continue to get younger, we truly feel that you can enhance your piano student’s music learning experience with popular sheet music!

While physical technique, accuracy and music ready mastery are important they only share weight with interpretation and expression.  If a student LOVES what they are playing, they will play it with passion and will be far more willing to learn.  Ideally, a student’s technique should be ahead of their repertoire and any popular music piece chosen should reflect their skill level.  Just because they “want” to play a particular piece of music, doesn’t necessarily mean that they can.  Each piece of popular sheet music requires a certain skill set.  If a piece is ahead of your student’s abilities, have them set a goal of working toward the piece.

When approaching popular sheet music, any teacher should meet the piece with caution.  Popular sheet music often excites students to want to express themselves.  They dream of leading their church in worship or playing to impress at a party.  All too soon these students find can find themselves disappointed when they try to play a popular music piece.  They become frustrated when they are able to play the melody by ear but are unable to add a nice accompaniment or potentially are unable to read the music to the fullest.

Avoiding these frustrations, Turner’s offers a wide range of popular sheet music pieces for every level of learning!  This can help motivate students of every age and learning level.  Nothing is more gratifying than to sit down at the ivories and be adored by your friends and family as they sing along to your playing.

It is important to keep children, in particular, interested in their lessons.  Popular music is a great way to do this!  How cool is it for boys of all ages to play the music from The Avengers, Star Wars, Harry Potter or James Bond themes?  All the girls will be itching to master pieces from artists like Taylor Swift, Adele or Katie Perry.  For our youngest pianists, we even offer simple pieces from Frozen!  And who wouldn’t love to share our musical history with songs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s with their children?

SO, what is the MOST popular / MOST requested sheet music of 2017 thus far?

Music from the Broadway Musical – Hamilton.


The most requested UPCOMING piece?

Musical selections from the screenplay, “LaLa Land” (this is set to be published at the end of this month so it is currently on pre-order at Turner’s!)

LaLaLand Popular Sheet Music

**Our sources have confirmed that Ryan Gossling IS in fact playing his own piano pieces in the movie and that there is not ONE close up that used a stunt double.  To make it even better, Gossling is NOT a lifelong pianist.  He learned to play in order to fully perform in his role!  This just goes to show that you CAN learn at ANY age!  In this recent PopSugar article John Legend even expressed how impress he was in saying, “Watching him play, I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is really good and he just learned this in the last few months.’ It’s pretty amazing.”

So, are YOU looking for a popular music piece to interest your aspiring pianist?  Let Ryan inspire you (or Taylor or James Bond)!  Choose popular sheet music that keeps them playing!  Turner’s Keyboards offers one of the area’s largest selections of sheet music.  Best of all, most of these popular requests come in 5 finger, easy piano, or regular piano solo version.  No matter what level musician you are, you can find a piece that can be mastered at any level!

Can’t find what you are looking for on our shelves?  No problem!  We can download and print out nearly any piece for only $4.99!!  Come visit us today and find your perfect popular piece! (Try saying that 10 times fast!)