Piano Lessons

Turner’s offers private music instruction with highly qualified instructors if you are interested in taking piano lessons here at our Augusta store. We also have a full directory of qualified local teachers to recommend to you or for your child.  We believe in helping to match the student with the teacher, therefore ensuring the success of each student.  Whether you are looking for someone to teach piano lessons to your young child, teenager, or for yourself, Turner’s can help you find the perfect match for your needs!

Our Teaching Studios

We offer piano instruction here at our store for all ages.  Lessons are typically 30 minutes each, once a week, with one-on-one instruction for $125 per month, paid in advance.

Ms. Jolene Long is an Augusta native who has been teaching since 2013 and enjoys teaching all ages and personalities. A recent graduate, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from Augusta University and her Master’s degree in Piano Performance from Georgia Southern University. Ms. Long teaches all ages. Learn more about Jolene here.

Mr. Eric Campbell teaches on Tuesdays from 3-8pm.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in piano and has over 30 years of experience in church music and worship.  He specializes in teaching adult beginners, and all ages of intermediate to advanced students.  Mr. Campbell is classically trained, but also enjoys playing and teaching all styles of music.

Ms. Sue Tomlin is a musician and entertainer, teacher and coach, conductor, composer, and arranger.  Her smile, enthusiasm, and spontaneity make lessons and learning a progressive adventure.  Classical as well as other styles are taught and encouraged.  From ages 8 to 88, make music a part of your every day joy! Learn more about Sue here.