Rent-to-Own Pianos

At Turner’s you can rent a new or pre-owned piano for 3-6 months at a time, starting at $95/month.  It’s a great way to test the waters before investing in a piano or keyboard for the beginning student. It’s also a great idea for the adult who wants to return to (or finally begin!) their lifelong dream of playing the piano. Our affordable rent-to-own plan allows up to six months’ rental fees to go towards the purchase of any piano or keyboard of your choice. Of course, you may continue to rent for as long as you’d like; there’s no pressure to buy.

With authentic piano tone and touch, our new 88-key Roland Home Digital Pianos are the ideal rental choice for families who are looking for a lighter, more versatile piano with features such as recording, playing different sounds, and practicing with headphones.  Are you trying to decide between digital and acoustic?  Read this important information just for parents about the benefits of digital pianos.

Renting one of our Traditional Upright Pianos provides the opportunity for the student to experience creating music with real wood, hammers, and strings… at an affordable price.  If you are trying to decide between traditional and digital, consider reading this helpful article explaining the benefits of acoustic pianos.