“I absolutely love it!! Every day, I look forward to coming home and playing it. It sounds great and is so much fun. (I’m happy with how quickly music is coming back to me, too!) I wish I would have made the decision sooner – it has been a huge joy.” — Katy Fedeli

“I’m so pleased and excited over my new Kawai keyboard! It’s portable so I can carry it anywhere I’m invited to play. I love it! The people at Turner’s are so friendly and helpful. I recommend them highly!” — Julianne S. Dixon

“I previously owned four pianos from uprights to a grand but my new Kawai digital piano brings a new and broader range of musical joy. Turner’s attention and service made the whole selection and buying process a delight!” — Harold Gleason

“Music improves my life and allows me to express my personality and emotions! The friendly staff at Turner’s knows what they’re talking about. I would definitely buy from them again!” — Rachel Johnson

“Piano has quietly become a place in my life where I can progress at my own pace, balancing the satisfaction of playing with the challenge of advancement. Being a part of the culture at Turner’s and Pollock Music Studios has been a blessing on all fronts and I plan to continue taking lessons as long as possible.” — Dr. Mark Smith

“The wonderful people at Turner’s helped to direct me to my new Kawai digital piano. Their outstanding service is friendly, honest and prompt. I cannot begin to tell you how much joy it’s brought into our lives. I play it almost every night and only wish I had bought it sooner. — Jack Grados

“What a privilege it is to write a comment about the Turner Keyboards and Lisa T. Maddox…..we had the misfortune to have our Wurlitzer piano damaged by water in our home…..Turner’s  tried their best to “fix” all the damage the water had done to my favorite piece of furniture…..they finally had to declare it beyond repair….we chose to order a special piano on the floor but in a different wood….it was delivered and after several days we knew this wood was not what we originally ordered…..Lisa gladly choose to help us find just what we wanted…..she was so gracious in helping us choose another. That piano was delivered, the other one picked up and we are now the proud owner of a beautiful Essex by Steinway,  thanks to Lisa, and the great price. We will have many years of joy from this beautiful piano. Thanks to the owner and staff at Turner’s Keyboards, we are happy customers.” —Mae Buice

Playing the piano has added warmth and joy throughout our home! Our family has connected with all of the staff at Turner’s Keyboards and feels we have a long term friendship with them!” —Shea Bates

“Our family has always loved music. It has enabled my children to learn a new skill as well as enhance their education. This skill will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We love to hear them play! We had a very positive experience with all of the people at Turner’s Keyboards. I really feel Lisa Turner was honest and wanted to put us with the best instrument for our current needs. We are very happy without new piano, and the kids love it too!” — Mrs. Jessica Graham