Player Pianos at Turner’s

Turner’s Keyboards proudly provides the best player piano systems available in the world, in both factory-installed (Steinway Spirio) and add-on (QRS PNOmation) packages. The new Steinway Spirio is the world’s finest high-resolution player grand, providing an unrivaled musical experience, absolutely indistinguishable from a live performance!  The system is installed in the factory, on Steinway grand models M (5’7″) and B (7′) only.  You have to experience Spirio in person at the store to fully appreciate its beauty and power. On the other hand, the QRS PNOmation player system is a high-tech piano accessory that we can locally install onto any qualified upright or grand piano. QRS provides the largest player piano music library in the world, with over 10,000 titles! Over the years, the PNOmation system has become our favorite add-on player system (and we’ve tried the others!). See below for demonstration videos and additional details about these two incredible musical products, both made available to you right here in the CSRA!

Feature Videos

Highlights of Spirio and QRS

The new STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO is the world’s finest high resolution player piano. A masterpiece of artistry and engineering in your home, SPIRIO enables you to enjoy performances captured by great pianists — played with such nuance, power and passion that it is utterly indistinguishable from a live performance.

SPIRIO, a handcrafted STEINWAY like all others, is the next step in STEINWAY’S history of ceaseless improvement in its mission — declared by Henry E. “to build the best piano possible” — and brings the unparalleled craftsmanship of the STEINWAY piano to your home coupled with cutting-edge technology and the peerless musicality of STEINWAY ARTISTS.

The SPIRIO’s high resolution playback system captures the nuance and passion the STEINWAY ARTIST intended by using proprietary software to measure hammer velocity (up to 1020 dynamic levels at a rate of up to 800 samples per second) and proportional pedaling, for both the damper pedal and soft pedal (up to 256 pedal positions at a rate of up to 100 samples per second). The soft trills, delicate pedaling, and thundering fortissimos that separate the world’s finest artists are reproduced with unparalleled accuracy with SPIRIO, precisely realizing both the pianist’s and the piano’s entire range of motion and emotion.

At the touch of the iPad provided with the STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO, the SPIRIO app connects you to hundreds of performances, bringing your STEINWAY grand piano to life. The music library is complementary and currently holds approximately 4,500 titles.  This exclusive, ever-growing SPIRIO library is updated regularly and automatically, features everything from J.S. Bach to Irving Berlin to Billy Joel, and unlocks the furthest reaches of the instrument’s expression, regardless of your personal playing ability.

QRS Player Piano

Bring your piano to life with a PNOmation3 Player System by QRS…

QRS was founded in 1900 by Melville Clark (of Story & Clark piano fame) who developed the player piano as we know it today. QRS supplied music rolls to the player piano market, with production peaking in 1927, when QRS Music Company sold 10 million rolls.

In 1986, QRS began focusing on new technologies, and in 1989 released its first digital retrofit player piano kit under the Pianomation™ name. Today QRS is an industry leader in introducing fun innovations in home musical entertainment. QRS Music Technologies became a public company in 1996.

QRS holds the largest player piano music library in the world!  With over 10,000 songs, in every style imaginable, playing your piano with a touch of your finger, you can have beautiful, live music in your home.

In this technological age, player systems are now digital and interface wirelessly via your smart phone, laptop, or tablet.  QRS technology even supports Apple Watch and Alexa!

Building on our decades of experience in the piano industry, we feel that QRS has the best add-on player system available in the market today and is the easiest to operate. We carry both Player grands and Player uprights, so we’re sure to have one that suits your needs!

Already have a piano? We can install this player system onto YOUR piano, turning it into a 24-7 source of live entertainment in your own home!

Already have a player system? We can upgrade your old Floppy Disk or CD player system to the QRS wireless system. Done in your own home, it’s an affordable way to bring your player system up date with the “latest and greatest” in player technology.