Piano Cleaning and Refinishing


Haven’t pulled that piano out from the wall in almost 20 years? Or has the inside of your instrument accumulated years of dust from an open lid? Allow Turner’s Keyboards to fully clean and detail your piano in your home or at our shop. (Local pianos only, please.) Cleanup includes complete cabinet detailing of finish, all brass polished and/or re-plated if needed, missing bumper buttons replaced, bench legs tightened or repaired, blow out, wipe down, and polish the inside and back of upright pianos and under strings in grand pianos. The bottom line is this: if you don’t think your piano looks as good, if not better, than the day it was made, there’s no charge! We’re that sure you’re going to love our extra-special cleanup service!


If you’ve experienced a fire or any kind of smoke in your home, it’s essential that your piano be thoroughly checked out by a professional piano technician. Exposure to high temperatures, water and humidity are detrimental to your musical instrument. Many times, the effects aren’t seen until weeks later when the piano starts to show the results of these extremes, such as: mold, felts separating, sticking keys, pin block separating, etc. Time is of the essence and for our fire and flood customers. Pick up of your piano that day or no later than the next day is guaranteed. We work with your insurance company to handle all the paperwork needed, ensuring your valuable investment is either repaired or replaced to your satisfaction!  (Local pianos only, please.)


Are you wondering what your piano really looks like under all that old, crackled veneer? You’d be surprised at what beauty lies beneath! Let Turner’s Keyboards provide you with all the information you need to consider investing in the refinishing of your family heirloom.  (Local pianos only, please.)