According to NAMM Global report, 82% of adults who don’t play a musical instrument wish they did. Instead of wishing, hoping, thinking and praying (see what I did there…lol) adults should realize that it is never too late to learn to play the piano.  In today’s blog article we take a look at 10 reasons WHY learning to play the piano as an adult is AWESOME!

Reason #1 – Because learning to play the piano at a young age ISN’T always awesome. 

Far too many parents force their young children to take piano (or other musical instrument) lessons.  They end up with a cranky sulking child who sits at the piano like an angry toddler.  Pouting, wildly swinging their feet that hang off the piano bench.  Piano lessons are not easy and can seem extremely boring to younger children making them a chore and not a privilege.  As an adult you begin to appreciate the value of piano lessons like how adults “who had four to 14 years of musical training had faster responses to speech sounds than participants without any training,”  according to Nina Kraus, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University.

Reason #2 – Because adult piano learning can reduce stress.

God knows we ALL need to reduce stress in our daily lives!  Imagine just sitting down and playing a piano instead of taking another handful of pills?  Studies have shown that in many adults “playing the piano was the most effective activity in reducing cortisol levels.”

Reason #3 –  Because adult piano learning can help make you healthier. 

By reducing stress levels, you can also decrease your risk of developed diseases such as multiple sclerosis, heart disease and diabetes.  Playing music makes people happy.  Happy people have increased blood flow. Increased blood flow helps prevent vascular diseases that can be life threatening.

Reason #4 – Because our brains don’t go to mush at 18. 

Contrary to popular belief some part of learning music as an adult can be EASIER than your younger counterparts.  For example, adults’ minds are more open an able to grasp abstract concepts.  This makes it easier for adults to translate concepts into hand movements.

Reason #5 – Because adult piano learning can increase your vocabulary. 

Learning to play the piano can increase neural pathway that lead to the speech and language centers of our brain.  Musicians become better as incorporating language patterns into words.  They also seem to have an easier time discerning words over noisy areas leading to better hearing in the future.

Reason #6 – Adult piano learning can build your own confidence.

The sense of accomplishment that you receive, as an adult, from learning to play music, is something that you can rarely find in other ways.  Learning a piano takes perseverance which will help increase your self-discipline and build confidence.

Reason #7 – Adult piano learning can increase memory.

Researchers, at Northwestern University, “studied music training’s effect on neuroplasticity, defined as the brain’s ability to adapt and change as a result of training and experience over the course of a person’s life” and found that “The effect of music training suggests that, akin to physical exercise and its impact on body fitness, music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness,” the study said.

Reason #8 –  Because playing the piano can increase joint health.

Even if you can’t handle a full cardio workout, any kind of movement is beneficial to our bones and joints as we age.  Playing the piano can help decrease swelling in your hands and wrists, in particular, simply by using them daily to practice.  Piano is “low impact” exercise for your joints!  This helps your joints and muscles stay “loose” which leads to decreased incidences of arthritis and degenerative diseases!

Reason #9 – Playing the piano can help your emotional state and hormones. 

As we age, and life changes, we deal with ever changing emotions and hormonal changes.  Particularly in women around the age of menopause, playing the piano can help with mood swings by increasing HgH, relieving stress, and increase GOOD feelings in yourself.  Mastering the art of playing an instrument is a joy and the overall satisfaction it brings is a real boost to your emotional state!

Reason #10 – Because it’s FUN! 

Learning to play music will be a process but there will be far less loathing than trying to learn to play as a child.  Children often see learning music as a chore whereas adults really SEE the value and can enjoy the process as well as the result.  Plus, it’s really cool to sit down in front of friends and impress them with your skills!

All in all, learning to play the piano, as an adult is a very rewarding, and probably LESS challenging experience than you think.  Many people report that they truly enjoy the process and that the gratification of being able to sit down and play for their family and friends is motivation enough.  If you are looking for options to begin piano lessons at any age, Turner’s Keyboards can help!  We have a variety of schedules and can help you find a piano lesson program that is right for you!  Visit us at 2358 Washington Road or call us at 706-736-4479 for more details!