As we hopefully close in on the last remnants of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to remember piano student and teacher health and safety. Regardless of whether you are implementing these measures as a means to thwart the pandemic or simply to avoid common viruses, these practices can prevent your exposure to germs and increase piano lesson safety.

Clearly Communicate

The first method of prevention is communication. Be sure to regularly communicate your expectations for hand washing, mask wearing, etc. to students before their lessons. For new students, be sure that this is clearly outlined in your initial contact. Agreement and adherence to piano lesson safety guidelines are key!

If you learn of any of your students who have become sick or are quarantined, inform the appropriate personnel and allow them to make the decision for themselves to continue lessons in person, reschedule, or opt for virtual until the threat passes.

Hand Washing

Ask ALL visitors, including students, parents and siblings to thoroughly wash their hands according to CDC guidelines upon their arrival to your home or studio. Go one step farther and hang one of the CDC’s FREE posters in your hand washing area.

Mask wearing

Encourage all students and parents wear a mask during the lessons.

Staying Well

Remind students and parents that it is OKAY to skip a lesson if they are not feeling well. Students should stay home if they have a fever or cold symptoms.

Be Flexible

Offer makeup lessons and be flexible in order to encourage families to stay home when sick or quarantined.

Consider Virtual Lessons

Consider offering virtual lessons via Zoom or Skype to accommodate families who have medical needs or are concerned with proximity of in-person lessons.

Sanitize Piano Keys

If a student or teacher coughs or sneezes on their hands during a lesson, keep hand sanitizer and tissues nearby to clean up before resuming.

Be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize the lesson area between students, including utilizing a piano sterilizer such as the QRS UV Piano Sterilizer System or wipe the keys with hydrogen peroxide and allow to dry.

Ultimately, piano teachers must take the lead in setting and upholding healthy lesson expectations. It is easy to feel fatigued as the pandemic wears on. Don’t become lax with your health and safety practices. Following these guidelines can help decrease the spread of germs and ensure positive piano lesson experiences for your students and teachers.