Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t walk through our doors and tell me they were sorry they quit taking piano lessons.  “Just imagine what I could be playing now” as they look wistfully at the pianos.

Regardless the specific details the answers to why they quit are all generally the same, too.  “I thought playing the piano was for sissies,” “I wanted to be outside playing sports,” or “My piano teacher was mean.” (which almost always meant the teacher only expected them to actually practice during the week and not just show up for a lesson) And then you have the people who did continue to play but then they went off to school, or got married, and just never got back to playing again.  “All I can remember how to play is my last recital piece, “Fur Elise.”

The reasons someone quit playing can go on and on, but the end result remains the same; regret.

As my dad reached his senior years, he used to often tell me it was the things he didn’t do in life rather than those he actually did that he regretted the most.

The bad news?  You didn’t stick with it.  The good news?    It’s never too late to start or start again! With all the talented and amazing teachers in our town you can get right back “on the proverbial bench” again.

Teachers today enjoy have adults for students.   Adult students know what they want to do, are excited about learning to play, and because they’re paying for their own lessons now (instead of Mom and Dad), are pretty good about keeping those weekly lessons.  Teachers recognize that you aren’t trying to become a concert pianist.  You just want to be able to play a song and have it actually sound like that song.  Some of you really want to learn to play jazz or how to play hymns for your church.  And some of you are finding out how therapeutic playing the piano can be.

Adult Piano LessonsWhat’s that you say? “It’s probably too late,” or “I’m too old.”  I will reply with a rousing “NO WAY!”

What you might really be saying is that you’re afraid you’ll look dumb trying to play.  The only thing dumb would be letting that keep you from one of the most enjoyable adventures you’ll ever experience!

And with all the health benefits playing the piano can provide, you’d be crazy not to give it a try!

Relief from stress, stimulates those brain cells and improves neural connections, strengthens hand muscles,….the list goes on and on.  As a matter of fact, there’s not a single negative thing playing the piano can provide!

“My piano/keyboard is too old, out of tune,” etc.  OR “I don’t have anything to practice on.”

We can tune or repair your piano and we can help you learn all those buttons on your keyboard.  Or you can trade that old clunker into us and get something you will enjoy learning how to play.  We can even rent you a great sounding and performing piano or keyboard for as little as $ 50.00 per month.  That’s only $ 12.50 a week to give yourself the best excuse to slip away and just …well, play.

Don’t know where to start?  Thanks to our being around here for over 64 years, we know just about every single teacher there is out there. (And if you’re a teacher reading this and don’t know us, be sure to call me personally so we can add you to our referral list.)   When you call us, we’ll ask the right questions to be sure we match you up with someone that will be a good fit for you. Want someone close to you? Want someone who will come to your home for lessons? Or someone who will help you to learn a certain song for an upcoming special occasion? We have a book full of teachers to recommend.  We specialize in finding that perfect someone to help inspire you to create and enjoy playing piano.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call or better yet, come in for a visit so we can get to know you.

We know you’re ready; you just didn’t know where to start or how to get there.    But we do.  We can show you the way and will be right there on the sidelines, cheering you on as you travel down one of the most challenging, joyful, relaxing, frustrating, and rewarding journeys you’ll ever take.

You’ve got nothing to lose but a regret.