We live in an age of instantaneous information being exchanged at the speed of light, with the world’s collective knowledge at our literal fingertips. With access to the internet, there isn’t much you cannot learn and discover for yourself. As wonderful as this is, there are just some things that the internet cannot aide you with, and developing artistic skill with musical instruments, unfortunately, can be one of them. We firmly believe that one should not learn to play piano online.

Basic information on playing instruments can be found just about anywhere online. From learning chords to your favorite songs on a keyboard, to shredding lightning-fast riffs on an electric guitar, there is certainly no shortage of quick-fix DIY online videos and tutorials to satisfy that desire to learn something new or build up your musical repertoire.

What about establishing a strong foundation for learning a new skill with a new instrument? Is it really a good idea to learn how to play piano, which is a truly complex instrument, from someone you don’t know in a non-personal video on Youtube?

encourage piano practiceBuilding a Strong Foundation

For every skill you learn, it is important to establish a strong foundation of basics from the start. Attempting to self-teach can be difficult for beginners, and can open the doorway for instilling bad habits in your ability and style of playing, preventing you from reaching your full potential as piano wizard! Working with a talented instructor personally can help you curb these bad habit-forming tendencies and help you associate skillful playing with good habits through personalized sessions and positive repetition.

adult piano learningProfessional Instruction

Sometimes we fall into the trap of “convenience” when it comes to our daily lives. With much of our routines able to be controlled with a touch of a button from our phones, tablets, or computers, we sometimes forget that in order to master something, it can require hard work and dedication. Learning to play the piano masterfully is one such skill that cannot be acquired overnight or by watching a few tutorials online.
Immersing yourself in a patterned and structured learning program by a professional instructor will help you overcome all of the shortcomings that you encounter with online learning programs or impersonal guides.

Each of us is unique in our own way, and no two pianists play piano the same. While it is important to establish your own style that you are comfortable with, learning the basics from a skillful instructor is paramount for anyone serious about learning to play well.

Having an instructor allows for a much more intimate learning experience, custom tailored to your abilities and learning speed. You can ask questions, receive advice, and receive the essential tools you need to maintain the focus and discipline necessary to be a talented musician.

Augusta, GA Piano LessonsLocation

While utilizing an online course may seem convenient and cost effective, there is no true substitute for live human feedback. Online courses are one-way. You don’t have the option of asking questions. There is no one there to point out your mistakes or flaws. Without knowing or acknowledging your mistakes, the task of becoming a skilled pianist is made even more difficult.

Attending a class at a venue or having an instructor come to your home may not be as convenient as online classes, but the advantages of doing so are important to note. There are many cases where those who attempt online courses eventually lose track or forget to continue their training, eventually losing the perishable skills they were beginning to develop and allowing life’s little distractions to cause them to deviate from their progress.

Being able to use your own piano and learn at your own pace within your home with personalized instruction is quite beneficial to you as a student. Having a weekly structure and dedicating time to learning can expedite your learning experience and reinforce your abilities and confidence.

piano lesson distractionDistractions

With all of that wonderful information at our fingertips, sometimes we find ourselves hopelessly distracted from the things we may find to be important. Being focused requires discipline in the face of all the distractions life has to offer.

Taking online courses at your convenience may seem rewarding at first, but can ultimately be detrimental to your progress. Without anyone to guide you or help you maintain focus, an interrupting text, phone call, or Facebook notification can lead to hours of distracting entertainment or cause you to lose focus and break your concentration. This can lead to frustration, and end with feeling defeated or giving up.

Learning to play any instrument requires perseverance, as well as guidance. While there are a small number of musical prodigies throughout the world, very few people have ever picked up an instrument and began playing at a professional level. Not many of us are quite so fortunate!

Perhaps playing professionally is not a desire for you, but in order to gain the skills to play well, and create a strong foundation to build upon, one must attempt to cut out most distractions and be focused. Live instruction can dramatically help with this aspect of training.

Turners Can Help you learn to play pianoLet Turner’s Help

We at Turner’s pride ourselves on providing our customers with satisfaction and quality. This also extends to our instructional program. We offer piano courses for everyone, and with a roster of extremely talented instructors, we know you will be as excited about learning to play piano as we are to teach you! Please contact us for any questions regarding these services or to set up a session, or check out this page for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!