The Magic of a New Piano

Have you experienced the magic of a new piano?  Sometimes it’s the feel of the keys and the melodic sounds that stir the emotions in your heart.  Other times, it’s the love behind the gift of music, or even the gift of a piano, that sparks the magic. We are honored to share Carol Grady’s story here about her loving husband and magical piano. “I finished practicing and walked over to my husband, my eyes welling up with tears.  ‘I can’t believe I can put [...]

Have you always dreamed of owning a Steinway piano?

This holiday season Steinway is making dreams come true with a very special opportunity to light up your home with the magic of music from a Steinway & Sons piano. Through New Year’s Eve, you can purchase a new Steinway or Steinway-designed Boston or Essex piano and enjoy substantial savings on the piano you’ve always dreamed of owning. Plus, you’ll make no payments and accrue no interest until 2020*! This offer includes the incredible Steinway Spirio, the world’s finest high resolution player piano. There’s never been a [...]

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How to Afford a Piano: Planning your Piano Purchase

Piano aficionados know that while the piano can produce the most beautiful sounds, it can be one of the least beautiful in terms of cost. However, there are several ways to afford a piano, other than saving up for long periods of time. Many companies offer several options for financing a piano or different styles that help save in piano costs. Many dream of owning a piano but are unsure about its affordability. Check out our tips on how to afford a piano of your own. [...]

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Choosing a Piano for Your Church

Selecting a piano for your home can seem complex enough, but choosing a piano for your place of worship can be even more stressful. A church piano may need to have special qualities, a certain sound, or fit a specific budget. Finding the right one to suit the needs of your sanctuary is important. Here is a list of things to consider when shopping for the right piece. Budget First, establishing how much of a budget you have to make a piano purchase is a primary [...]

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Can I Buy a Piano With Ivory Keys?

Perhaps you are in the market for a piano; something classic, elegant, with style and history? Every piano has a story behind it, especially older pieces that are well traveled. You may have heard rumors about “ivory key” pianos still in circulation, and being of discerning taste, gained some curiosity about such unique antiquities. We all enjoy a bit of particularity or exclusivity in our lives and in certain aspects of our artistry. Music and the instruments we choose to channel our creativity into are certainly [...]

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5 Reasons Why Digital Pianos are a great solution!

Maybe you are a beginner, have a small home or are on a tight budget.  You may think that owning a piano is out of reach but, you really want to play the piano! What’s a person to do? A digital piano is a great solution. Besides the obvious benefits of having a smaller footprint and being more affordable than a comparable acoustic piano, read on to learn the 5 reasons why a digital pianos are a great solution to many piano buying woes! Digital pianos are affordable. [...]

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What Type of Piano Is Best For Me?

Purchasing a piano for your family can create a lifetime of enjoyment and musical appreciation but you may be asking yourself what type of piano is best for me? Before you spend money for a piano, a little preparation is helpful so that you purchase a piano that is appropriate not only for your needs, but also works within your space, budget, and musical goals. ACOUSTIC OR DIGITAL? One of the first decisions to make is whether you prefer an acoustic or a digital piano. Digital [...]

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