Maybe you are a beginner, have a small home or are on a tight budget.  You may think that owning a piano is out of reach but, you really want to play the piano! What’s a person to do? A digital piano is a great solution. Besides the obvious benefits of having a smaller footprint and being more affordable than a comparable acoustic piano, read on to learn the 5 reasons why a digital pianos are a great solution to many piano buying woes!

digital pianos affordable turners keyboards

Digital pianos are affordable.

Acoustic pianos can be expensive and out of the price range of many aspiring pianists if purchased new. For less than $2000, you can get a full featured digital piano, which in addition to affordability, comes with multiple sound variations, ranging from several piano voices to organs, vibraphones, guitars, harpsichord, strings, bass, and more. With an acoustic piano, you’re basically limited to one piano sound. Digital pianos are budget friendly and ripe with features.

digital piano volume control

Digital pianos offer sound controls.

With digital pianos, you can plug in headphones and “limit the enjoyment” of your musical stylings to your own ears.  No more listening to struggling fingers pounding on awkward key combinations.  Additionally, digital pianos come with MIDI.  What is MIDI you might ask?  Well my friend, it is very cool!  MIDI allows you to connect your digital piano to a computer and turn your computer into a recording studio, making you ready to record and compose! You can even load MIDI files into your piano from ready-to-buy CDs and play them back from your piano.  Grandparents can’t attend a piano recital? No problem with MIDI!

digital piano portability

Digital pianos offer portability.

A regular upright piano could weigh over 500 lbs. Some grand pianos weigh significantly more. Compare this to digital pianos that weigh less than 100 lbs. You could easily carry a digital under your arm from site to site, home to home or gig to gig. Transportation is easy. The fact that many of them could be disassembled is also a great advantage.  If you are a military family who moves frequently, this could be the perfect option for your family!

Digital piano keys turners keyboards
Digital pianos mimic acoustic piano keys.

Playing the digital piano is a comfortable shift from an acoustic piano primarily because of the key sensitivity. The keys of the digital piano imitate the keys of an acoustic piano, with the complete set of 88 keys, making it easy for those who need to shift from an acoustic piano to a digital piano without making any drastic adjustments.

piano tuning turners keyboards

Digital pianos require no tuning.

Acoustic pianos must be tuned once or twice a year. However, since the sounds of digital pianos are in digital format, they never go out of tune.  This can also offer significant savings by not paying for professional piano tuning regularly adding to the affordability.

While the benefits of purchasing a digital piano are many, these five are perhaps the top reasons to choose digital. If you are looking for a good entry level piano for your new student or an affordable gift this holiday season, be sure to stop by Turner’s Keyboards to check out our selection of digital pianos.