Selecting a piano for your home can seem complex enough, but choosing a piano for your place of worship can be even more stressful. A church piano may need to have special qualities, a certain sound, or fit a specific budget. Finding the right one to suit the needs of your sanctuary is important.

Here is a list of things to consider when shopping for the right piece.


First, establishing how much of a budget you have to make a piano purchase is a primary concern. This will determine not only the type of piano you can obtain, but also the quality. It is essential to consider the cost of any additions you may need, such as furnishings, sound systems, or personalized accessories that go along with the piano that may be part of that same budget.

The piano is the centerpiece of music for your sanctuary. It should be of high quality, but not unnecessarily adorned or contrived. You want to search for something that sounds warm, pleasant, and allows for your pianists to play at their best.

There are many options for church pianos, some more exorbitantly priced than others. Sometimes it’s best to choose a high quality, cheaper alternative as opposed to something expensive and flashy.

Consider Your House of Worship

Depending on the size of your sanctuary, layout, and architecture, you may be more inclined to choose one category of pianos over another. While grand pianos are fitting for most venues, certain styles of churches may be better suited for an electric keyboard and sound system set up.

Some churches with larger spaces may require larger grand pianos. Consider the size and acoustics of the interior where the piano will be played. You may wish to choose a piano with a strong enough sound to be heard throughout without sound amplification. Other factors to consider are other instruments, a choir, or the singing of the congregation. You may want something that has a subtle tone for a more reserved appeal, or a more clear and resonant sound that is easily heard over the mingling of symphonic melodies. With such a plethora of choices available, you should have no problem with finding a piano that suits the needs of your flock.

Choosing a Brand

With so many options out there, choosing a brand may seem like an afterthought. Choosing the right brand is actually a crucial part of making a decision on a piano. This can have an impact on budgetary concerns, as well as local availability. You certainly don’t want to go through so much effort researching pianos only to discover the one you need is not available to you in a reasonable fashion!

There is no single brand that is perfect for all accommodations or settings. Comparing and contrasting makes and models of pianos comes with the territory of making a piano purchase. Once you find a good candidate piano for your church’s needs, try comparing it to other pianos of different manufacture for quality and pricing. Research the differences.

Check to see if your local dealers offer the brand and model you are looking for. Sometimes you may find that your local dealer offers a piano at a higher price than ordering one from further afield. It’s important to establish what services and warranties the dealer or seller offers. It may be better to buy a piano at a slightly higher price locally in order to have the advantage of a solid warranty and service plan in case something goes wrong or your piano needs service!

Professional Representatives

Purchasing a new piano for your church is a significant undertaking. Not only is ensuring the quality of the piano essential, but receiving quality service and assistance in making the purchase and smooth delivery of your piano is just as critical. You want to ensure that the representative working with you is knowledgeable, helpful, and passionate about ensuring your satisfaction. At Turner’s, we treat our customers like family, and fully commit to providing them with the best experience we can by answering their questions, helping them with any issues and concerns, and ensuring their products arrives safely and on time.

Providing live support through our talented technicians is a very important aspect to creating a lasting rapport between dealers and customers, and is something to consider when searching for a local dealer.

Guarantees and Incentives

Warranties, guarantees, and incentives for becoming a customer of a particular local dealer is a great way to determine what the future may bring with regards to the well-being of your piano. A traveling dealer or long-distance company may not offer much in the way of warranties, service packages, or support.

At Turner’s, we offer what we love to call our “No Sunday Without Music Guarantee”. We promise our customers a solid product, but if something should arise, we will repair or replace your instrument before the next Sunday to ensure that your sanctuary is always filled with quality music, for the duration of your warranty and at no extra charge.

We care about our customers and clients. Finding a local dealer who cares about your needs should be a consideration for you as you make this vital decision.

Call us or set up an appointment to find out how we can help you find the perfect piano for your house of worship today!