Piano aficionados know that while the piano can produce the most beautiful sounds, it can be one of the least beautiful in terms of cost. However, there are several ways to afford a piano, other than saving up for long periods of time. Many companies offer several options for financing a piano or different styles that help save in piano costs. Many dream of owning a piano but are unsure about its affordability. Check out our tips on how to afford a piano of your own.

affording a piano1. How to afford a piano: Consider the Style/Model

Piano costs vary depending on the style and model of choice. Digital keyboards and acoustic pianos offer various benefits for musicians. For pianists wanting the classic acoustic sound and range of notes, the piano may be the proper instrument, though it can be costly. Pre-owned pianos offer a good solution because they generally save on costs. Dealers often provide a limited warranty even on their used selection. Digital keyboards may also be an affordable way to own your own instrument. Keyboards are less expensive, portable, and do not take up as much space as a classic piano. They can be great instruments for beginners or varied style musicians. Here at Turner’s, we have a variety of instruments at many price points to meet your needs.

afford a piano rent to own2. How to afford a piano: Rent to Own Programs

To better understand how to afford a piano, familiarize yourself with the options. Rent to own programs, like ours at Turner’s Keyboards, can be an affordable way to equip your home with a piano. Rent to own programs are especially beneficial for 3 typse of pianists / families:

  1. New piano students,
  2. Those returning to playing the piano after a long hiatus
  3. Those who maybe want to test different options before committing to a purchase.

Renting before purchasing allows customers the following:

  • The flexibility to find the instrument that best fits their needs,
  • Ample time to determine which digital or acoustic piano might best fit their home.
  • Longer period of time to amortize payments.

When you rent to own, generally your monthly payments are applied toward the overall price of the instrument at purchase time. Turner’s Keyboards allows the first three or six month’s rental fee to apply toward the purchase of any piano or keyboard.

While the program is an affordable way to achieve your goals of owning a piano, there is also no pressure to buy, as you can always continue to rent.

financing buying piano3. How to afford a piano: Financing Options

Before you feel that owning your own piano is out of your reach, know that many businesses offer the option to finance your piano and make payments, much like an auto loan. Financing a piano and paying monthly can be a way to get the instrument of your dreams immediately instead of waiting for years to save up. If a dealer does not offer a financing program directly, check with your bank or credit union, as there are sometimes low-interest options that can help you along your way to piano ownership.

The costs associated with purchasing a piano shouldn’t keep an aspiring musician of any age from achieving their goals. There are options for customers to afford a piano purchase without one major upfront payment. The best way to determine which payment option is best for you is to also decide:

  • Type of Instrument you want.
  • What Instrument best meets your needs.
  • What you are willing to invest.

The specialists at Turner’s Keyboards can help you on your quest to afford a piano or keyboard of your choosing, so let us help figure out the best solution for you and your family.