Piano Lesson Safety: Keep Up The Good Work!

As we hopefully close in on the last remnants of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to remember piano student and teacher health and safety. Regardless of whether you are implementing these measures as a means to thwart the pandemic or simply to avoid common viruses, these practices can prevent your exposure to germs and increase piano lesson safety. Clearly Communicate The first method of prevention is communication. Be sure to regularly communicate your expectations for hand washing, mask wearing, etc. to students before their [...]

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Steinway & Sons recognizes Tara Scheyer as a 2017 Top Music Teacher

We would like to take a moment, here on our blog, to personally say: Congratulations to the amazing Tara Scheyer on the recent receipt of the 2017 Top Music Teacher award! The program was designed, by Steinway, to formally recognize those music teachers who demonstrate outstanding instruction and leadership in piano and music education. Steinway also wanted teachers who were truly passionate about their craft and exhibited the same degree of excellence their hand-made pianos provided, to their students. When we sat down to make our [...]

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How to Choose the Best Piano Teacher for Your Child

Your child wants to learn to play the piano, but where do you start? You have to find not only a suitable instrument, you have to find the right person to teach your child, but how do you know who is a good fit for lessons? It can be an overwhelming process to select a teacher for your child’s piano lessons, so to that end, we’ve provided a few tips. INTERVIEWING PROSPECTIVE PIANO TEACHERS Interviewing prospective teachers is good way of finding one that meets your [...]

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