This past fall I was trying to think of some promotions for our store during the upcoming holiday season.  There’s always some special finance program being offered by the piano manufacturers but I really wanted to come up with something special this year, something that would really benefit our community locally.  Since our business is earned locally I wanted to do something that would also benefit locally.  It just so happens that we were currently celebrating Veteran’s Day and I had received a flyer in the mail from the Augusta Warrior Project (AWP).  They featured the story about Pete Way, a local Army reservist who was helped by the AWP with a wheelchair and ramp after being injured while serving in Afghanistan.

My late father, Lt. Cmdr. Edward B. Turner, while never injured while serving during WWII, never really talked about his successes but rather those who were lost or injured while he served.  I decided we would donate 5% of all of our piano and keyboard sales made during the month of November to the Augusta Warrior Project.  I couldn’t think of a better way to honor my late father and at the same time be a blessing to those service men and women currently in need.

As things turned out, we had one of the best retail month’s ever in November and everyone we waited on was told that 5% of their purchase would be donated to the Augusta Warrior Project.  Regardless of whether they were military or civilian, everybody was really happy to be a part of this contribution.  I figured it was a real win-win-win for all of us and was very happy to sign a check for $2,117.41 in December to this wonderful organization.  Here’s a very special thanks to all of those who purchased a piano or keyboard from us this past November and helped us all  have the honor to “Serve Those who have Served”.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this possible!

Lisa Turner Maddox

For more information on the national Wounded Warrior Project visit their site.