7 Strange Facts About 7 Famous Pianists

Much like the celebrities and reality stars of our era, famous musicians, have historically been, a little bit strange.  Grand gestures, bad decisions, and pianists are no exception!  Read on and learn some strange facts about these famous pianists! Ludwig van Beethoven Beethoven’s deafness was the result of lead poisoning, and so too, was his death in 1872. While the cause of his elevated lead levels is unclear, some speculate that because of his love of wine, which contained higher-than-normal lead levels during that time period, [...]

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The History Behind a Very Special Piano

There’s a sign on a middle-aged piano here at our store that says “Ask me where I’ve been for the last 43 years?”. The piano is certainly age appropriate for it’s condition; black keys are worn through to show a little of the wood beneath, cabinet scratches here and there, a little shopworn….but the story this piano represents is one of the most amazing events I’ve ever experienced while working in my family business. It was a chilly February afternoon last year when a lovely older [...]

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