“Nobody has ever told me they were happy they quit” ….. 

Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t walk through our doors and tell me they were sorry they quit taking piano lessons.  “Just imagine what I could be playing now” as they look wistfully at the pianos. Regardless the specific details the answers to why they quit are all generally the same, too.  “I thought playing the piano was for sissies,” “I wanted to be outside playing sports,” or “My piano teacher was mean.” (which almost always meant the teacher only expected them to [...]

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Benefits of Learning the Piano as an Adult

We’ve all heard the adage “youth is often wasted on the young,” but I’m willing to bet a lot of piano lessons are too. I’m also willing to bet you’ve said at least once to yourself, “I wish I could play the piano…but I’ve never had lessons.”  Why not start now? I know, I know…you’re busy, you can’t read music, you’re too old to begin playing the piano, you’re afraid you’ll look silly, and so forth. Maybe your dream involves sitting at a grand piano, [...]

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