How to Sell a Piano – What is the best way?

At some point you may find yourself needing to sell your piano. Whether you’ve outgrown your current instrument, it’s simply collecting dust, or you want to upgrade to something new, you may wonder what steps to take. Pianos are big investments, so you definitely will want to do your research to determine the best way to sell your piano. There are several ways to sell a piano, and there are several pros and cons of each. How to sell a piano: Craigslist or Buy, Sell, Trade [...]

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What Is My Piano Worth?

Here at Turner’s we often have customers who ask us how they should go about selling their piano, or what we think it might be worth. There are many different factors to consider when summarizing the value of a pre-owned piano, and not all pianos are made equally! Let’s go over a few of the basics that may help you achieve an accurate appraisal for your piano… Name Brand This is one of the more important aspects of appraising the value of a piece. The name [...]

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