Will my piano play differently on hot or cold days?

We often receive questions about the tone, tune and responsiveness of pianos.  To help all of our clients understand their piano, today, we will try to answer the question: “Will my piano play better on hot or cold days?” The answer is not quite as simple as “yes” or “no”.  There are many factors that affect “how” pianos play.  The tune of a piano is less related to hot or cold and more related to humidity which can vary by the seasons.  Higher temperatures generally come [...]

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Do I Really Need to Tune My Piano?

You may wonder why pianos need to be tuned at all. The answer is very simple: the strings are under very high tension, and over time they stretch. Finding a qualified piano tuner and maintaining a regular schedule for piano tuning will extend both the life and enjoyment of your piano. You regularly change the oil in your vehicles; scheduling regular tuning for your piano is the same type of routine maintenance! TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY AFFECT YOUR PIANO’S TUNING Living in hot, humid Augusta, GA has [...]

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Tips for Caring for Your Piano Between Services

The beautiful, natural sound of a piano is due to the remarkable blending of such materials as wood, metal, buckskin, and wool. Together they create a unique, timeless sound that no other instrument in the world can duplicate. While electronic synthesizers may approximate the sound of an acoustic piano, they cannot approach the true beauty and craftsmanship of the real thing. Properly cared for, a piano can bring a lifetime of enjoyment to you and your family. As you might expect with any instrument this complex, [...]

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