Chopin & Beethoven – Augusta Symphony Steinway Dedication

We invite you to join us:  April 21st at 7:30 pm at the Miller Theater in Augusta At this concert, Maestro Dirk Meyer will dedicate the Symphony’s new Steinway 9-foot Concert Grand Piano, which was purchased through Turner’s Keyboards. The piano purchase was made possible by a generous gift from Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hull. It is sure to be a beautiful night of performance featuring Chopin and Beethoven!

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A Piano History Lesson

Pianos are one of the world's oldest musical instruments.  They have long been a stable of church music and schools.  Today, we are going to take you on a brief journey, a piano history lesson if you will. The first piano was invented in Florence, Italy in 1700 by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655 – 1732), a craftsman who repaired harpsichords for Italy’s royal court. Cristofori’s invention was a simple keyboard that he called a gravicembalo col piano et forte, “keyboard instrument with soft and loud,” named for the [...]

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