If you have never had the privilege of enjoying the musical style of Anderson & Roe, you are missing out.  Anderson and Roe were heralded by the San Francisco Classical Voice as, “The most dynamic duo of this generation!”  For us, we LOVE any artists who think boldly enough to bring piano to the forefront of society.

Piano is so much more than scales and Mozart.  No offense to the classics but keeping students and younger people engaged with piano often requires more.  Artists like Anderson & Roe are pioneering next generation music to help enthrall all ages and we like it!

Anderson and Roe bring a new life and spirit to classical piano unlike anyone else.  Their bold style has led to millions of views on YouTube across their multi-Emmy nominated videos.

Here is one of our favorite popular duets by Anderson & Roe (YouTube):

From the duo themselves they aim to “make classical music a relevant and powerful force in society”.  I would say that they certainly achieved that in their rendition of the Cold Play song!

Or maybe in this Taylor Swift Cover, Shake It Off.  This video really gets moving around 1:40!!

But could it get much better than these two + a Mambo, on a Steinway Spirio?

We think so… how about seeing them LIVE in concert?  Well you are about to have your chance!  For the Augusta area, and for all of our piano fans:

COMING March 9th


Joye in Aiken

Anderson & Roe will be live

at 8 pm.

For tickets, stop by the website and get them now before they sell out!