Roland Digital Pianos

Since releasing the world’s first touch-sensitive electronic piano in 1974, Roland’s goal has been to create the ultimate piano experience. Today, Roland has a range of instruments that lead the way in design, touch and sound, supported by superior digital technology that elevates the piano playing experience for musicians at any level.  Roland builds musical instruments that inspire and spread the enjoyment of creativity. When it comes to pianos, we strive to make instruments that people love to play. We believe that technology is the key to letting players everywhere enjoy the ultimate piano experience. This begins by ensuring that every Roland piano is a great sounding, playable instrument designed to bring out your best – whether you’re a world-class pianist or just starting out. But we also believe that a piano can do much more, which is why our digital technology makes your piano-playing life easier and more fun; headphones for private practice, playing along with your favorite songs, or using smartphone apps to help you improve. Roland pianos look as good as they sound too, with classically-styled grands and upright pianos, to contemporary pianos with flat-top cabinets or solid-oak designs. And whichever Roland piano you choose, you’ll be in very good company – our instruments are found on stages, in studios, classrooms and, most importantly, in the homes of piano lovers around the world.


GP609 | The Grand Piano That Fuses Tech with Tradition

The GP609 is a grand piano without compromise. You can experience the performance of a traditional acoustic grand, whose sound has been at the heart of music for over 300 years. And you also get to explore the endless creative possibilities offered by the latest digital technology. Since creating the world’s first touch-sensitive electronic piano in 1974, Roland has become a leader in digital piano innovation – and the new GP609 embodies our belief that advanced technology and know-how can take your music further.

Available in Polished Ebony or Polished White.

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GP607 | A mini grand piano that sparks creativity and complements your living space

If you’ve longed to own a grand piano but were discouraged by the cost or weight, then the Roland GP607 could be the perfect addition to your home. A stylish digital mini grand piano in polished ebony or white, the GP607 pays homage to the classic grand piano form with an imposing-yet-graceful design. And although its appearance is traditional, explore a little deeper and you’ll discover the very latest technology. Bluetooth® connectivity lets you wirelessly stream songs from your tablet/phone through the GP607’s powerful 4.1 multi-channel speakers, filling your room with rich, clear sound. SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology offers supremely realistic piano sound and, along with the expressive touch of the new PHA-50 keyboard, provides a playing experience that will satisfy the connoisseur. And a host of onboard learning features—including connection to piano education apps—will ensure that you’ll stay motivated and your piano skills will constantly improve. Whether you want a strikingly beautiful addition to your living space or a sophisticated mini grand piano that supports your family as they learn to play, the GP607 brings beauty, elegance, and evocative piano performance into your home.

Available in Polished Ebony or Polished White.

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LX708 | The luxury eight-speaker piano with grand tone and auditorium ambience

As the flagship of Roland’s LX700 series, the LX708 recreates all the pleasures of playing a traditional grand piano in a great live venue. Standing out among the LX range with its tall, commanding cabinet and a lid that opens for optimum sound projection, this luxurious instrument makes a bold statement in your home. And with its powerful eight-speaker system ready to fill your home with music, the LX708 is the ultimate choice for discerning players.

Good Design Award

For its exemplary design, the LX708 was honored with the Good Design Award 2018 from the Japan Institute of Design and Promotion.

Available in Polished Ebony, Polished White, and Charcoal Black.

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LX706 | The high-end home piano with six-speaker system, grand tone and ambience effects

For players investigating the Roland LX700 series and looking for the right balance between features and price, the LX706 demands a closer look. Designed for discerning pianists, the LX706 sits at the mid-point of the LX700 range, recreating the classic performance of an acoustic grand in a home-friendly format. Just like the flagship LX708 model, you’ll find a choice of authentic piano tones and onboard ambience technology, plus a dynamic Hybrid Grand Keyboard to spark your creativity. But with a more compact cabinet, closed-lid design and six-speaker system, the LX706 matches its pro-level performance with a budget-conscious price.

Available in Polished Ebony, Dark Rosewood, and Charcoal Black.

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LX705 | Superior piano tone with four-speaker system in the LX700 series’ most affordable model

It needn’t cost the earth to enjoy the thrilling performance of an acoustic grand piano at home. Introducing the Roland LX705. While the most demanding pianists investigate the flagship LX708 and mid-priced LX706 models, budget-conscious musicians will be impressed by the LX705, which retains many of the same standout features in a highly competitive package. Inside the LX700 series’ most compact cabinet, you’ll find a choice of authentic piano tones and onboard ambience effects, plus tutorial features, Bluetooth connectivity and the responsive PHA-50 keyboard that lets your fingers fly. And with a four-speaker system bringing your music into the world, the entry-level to the LX700 series still punches well above its weight.

Available in Polished Ebony, Dark Rosewood, Light Oak, and Charcoal Black.

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HP704 | Premium look and authentic piano touch with four-speaker audio system

The HP704 provides the style, performance, and pristine sound projection you’d expect from a premium studio piano. With its sleek, sophisticated cabinet design, this digital piano makes a statement wherever you play it—and a range of finishes ensures it fits in anywhere. The advanced PHA-50 keyboard, onboard tutorial features, and Bluetooth connectivity with music apps mean you’ll always be inspired to play, explore and improve. And the tall, elegant cabinet houses a powerful four-speaker audio system that delivers dynamic, room-filling sound as you perform—or while you relax by streaming your favorite tunes.

Available in Polished Ebony, Dark Rosewood, Light Oak, Charcoal Black, and White.

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HP702 | Uncompromising piano performance and style

The affordable HP702 brings style and premium piano performance into your home. Practice at midnight, immersed in sound from the Headphones 3D Ambience feature. Wirelessly stream songs and app audio via Bluetooth or try the onboard tutorials and improve your playing skills. Whatever the musical scenario, the HP702 delivers a superior piano experience—for far less than you think.

Available in Dark Rosewood, Light Oak, White, and Charcoal Black.

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FP-30 | The feature-packed, super-popular portable piano

The Roland FP-30 is the portable piano you’ll want with you in every musical scenario. From stage and studio to music class and family home, this flexible, feature-packed instrument has already been chosen by 150,000 discerning players – and counting. From a hobbyist’s home instrument to a professional’s play-anywhere second piano, this model ticks all the boxes, offering Roland’s acclaimed sound, feel and modern features in an on-the-move 88-note format. Available in white or black, the Roland FP-30’s sleek, elegant styling is a welcome addition to any room. Adding in numerous sounds beyond the piano, built-in practice and recording functions, and Bluetooth® wireless support for working with popular music apps, the FP-30 delivers a premium musical experience previously unattainable in such a streamlined package.

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C-30 | A Beautiful Marriage: The Enchanting Harpsichord and the Wonders of a Digital Instrument

From solo performance to ensemble playing, the C-30 provides the perfect sound and touch for baroque music. Enjoy the best of both worlds — a new-generation digital harpsichord with authentic sound and touch, excellent playability, and soul-stirring expression.

  • F Scale, 61-key Harpsichord type keyboard with “click action”
  • 4 harpsichord sound-sets (French, Flemish, Fortepiano, Dynamic Harpsichord), each with 4 stop variations: 8’I (back), 8’II (front), 4’ and Lute
  • “Dynamic Harpsichord” sound can be played with dynamics (velocity sensitivity) and damper pedal
  • 2 positive small-pipe organ sounds
  • Choice of 5 temperaments (Equal, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti and Meantone)
  • Tuning options include Baroque pitch (415Hz) and Versailles pitch (392Hz), which can be switched instantly without changing the temperament
  • Plectrums and strings never need replacing, and no tuning required
  • Reverb effect enhances small room acoustics
  • Mahogany finish with decoration panel and bench

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