Pre-Owned Pianos

Many times, a quality pre-owned piano is the perfect choice for our customers.  We have a wonderful selection of gently used pianos on our floor, each thoroughly checked over by our shop to provide peace of mind about the piano’s performance and quality for you and your family.

See below for a current list of our pre-owned piano inventory.  Be sure to check often, as we update this page frequently!  Please let us know what kind of piano you are looking for, as we often have instruments in the works that have not been listed yet.  Even if we don’t have what you are looking for right now, we would be glad to keep an eye out for the piano you most desire.

All pre-owned instruments from Turner’s include:
1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
100% Trade Up to Retail for a Lifetime

Warm Regards,
Lisa Turner Maddox

Current Pre-Owned Inventory

Steinway & Sons A1 Victorian Eastlake Ebony Satin Grand, 6′


Serial No. 70010

This antique 6′ Steinway & Sons Model A1 was built in New York in 1891. Absolutely gorgeous furniture piece for a distinguished home. This Steinway piano has a Victorian Eastlake design, with 7 octaves, 85 keys, featuring 3 pedals and round tail.  If you are looking for a grand piano with history and character, look no further!  


  • Matching Bench
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 100% Trade Up at Turner’s for a Lifetime

Contact Lisa Turner Maddox at 706-736-4479 for more information.

Baldwin-Hamilton Cherry Studio Upright 45″


Serial No. 485947

This 45” decorator studio upright piano, style 5052E by Baldwin-Hamilton was manufactured in 2003 right here in the USA!  It features a rich cherry finish and includes its matching bench!  Turner’s 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and 100% Lifetime Trade Up to Retail are included as well.

Our Price: $ 4,995

Steinway & Sons Upright Model 100 “Hepplewhite”


Serial No. 357804

When we contacted Steinway in New York about this piano, they replied: “Steinway Serial No. 357804 corresponds in our records to a New York Upright Model 100 Mahogany (lacquer finish), Sketch No. 1073 “Hepplewhite” case design, 2 pedals, height 40″, completed and shipped to former dealer Wooten Music Company of Augusta, Georgia, on August 12, 1958.”  Matching Bench, Turner’s 1-Year Full Warranty and 100% Trade Up for a Lifetime included. 

Our Price: Ask for pricing information

Baldwin Cherry Spinet 36″


Serial # 1414806

This 36” spinet piano, style 522R by Baldwin was manufactured in 1987 right here in the USA!  It features a rich cherry finish and includes its matching bench!  Turner’s 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and 100% Lifetime Trade Up to Retail are included as well.

Our Price: $ 1,795

Story & Clark Mahogany Console 42″


Serial Number 704835

This 42” Story & Clark Console was made right here in the USA, c. 1997.  It features a rich Mahogany Finish, and the cabinet is in excellent condition.  This piano includes the Matching Bench, 100% Trade-Up to Retail for a Lifetime, and Turner’s 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

Our Price: $ 2,995

Kimball Walnut Console 42″


Serial # D36747

This 42” console piano, model S452 by Kimball was manufactured in 1982 right here in the USA!  It features a warm walnut finish and includes its matching bench with custom-stitched tapestry bench pad!  Includes Turner’s 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and Turner’s 100% Lifetime Trade Up to Retail.

Our Price: $ 2,495

Baldwin 5’2″ Model M1 Ebony Satin Grand

SALE PENDING 4/23/2019

Serial No. 377062

This grand piano has a musical tone that matches the original Baldwin sound and features a lustrous ebony satin finish. A rare find. Built in 2001, this piano was recently traded in by an accomplished pianist who was ready to trade up to a larger grand.  The matching bench, 1-Year Full Warranty, and Turner’s 100% Lifetime Trade Up are included with your purchase. 

Our Price: $ 8,995

Steinway-Designed Boston UP118S Black Oak Satin Upright 46-1/2″


Serial No. B190383

Designed by Steinway & Sons, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the name of STEINWAY synonymous with musical excellence, the Boston line of grand and upright pianos represents a singular achievement in instrument building: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible.  The Boston UP-118S Performance Edition is imbued with the classic Boston touch and tone and is optimized for any music room — at school or at home. Height: 46½” (118 cm).  Truly a musician’s instrument!  This NEW floor model has been used lightly for ONLY ONE YEAR in our teaching studio 1-2 days a week. Receive a LIKE NEW piano for over $850 less than the new Boston UP118S on our showroom floor (which sells for $7,850).  Comes with Turner’s 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty and 100% Trade-Up for a Lifetime!

Our Price: $ 6,995

($ 7,850 if New)

Baldwin Acrosonic 36″


The Acrosonic piano is the largest selling piano brand name and model of all time. This distinctive and exclusive name designates a line of spinet and console pianos built by the Baldwin Piano Company. Coined from the Greek word,”akros,” meaning supreme and the Latin word, “sonus,” meaning tone, the trademark “Acrosonic” is registered in the United States Patent Office.  Bearing serial number 505460 and 36” tall, this spinet piano was built in 1953 in the USA and features a brown walnut finish. Includes the matching bench and our 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and Lifetime 100% Full Trade Up!  

Our Price: $ 1,495

Pre-Owned Pianos Augusta, GA

Steinway Model M Ebony Satin Studio Grand 5’7″


The 5’7″ Model M is the best-selling Steinway grand size, the standard of musical excellence for any home with limited space.  This particular Steinway & Sons piano is a rare find in our business, an “original” pre-owned Steinway, meaning that it has all of its original Steinway parts, and this instrument is less than 20 years old! Ebony satin is the classic Steinway look, and commands the best resale value.  Of all our pre-owned pianos, this is the star of the show, a true musician’s instrument. This piano’s cabinet and top was completely refinished by a local furniture repair company to make it look like new from the factory.  Specs: Serial No. 556916, Steinway & Sons Model M 5’7” Grand Piano, 100% Original Steinway Parts, c. 2001, Ebony Satin Finish.  Includes Artist Bench, 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty, 100% Lifetime Trade Up at Turner’s!  If new, this piano would be $74,300.

Our Price: $ 49,900

Wurlitzer Console Piano 42″ in Cherry


Built in 1994, this Wurlitzer console piano (model 2276AN, s/n # 2824898) features a beautiful brown cherry finish and includes the matching bench with pad. Secure your investment with our complementary 1-Year Full Warranty.  We also include a 100% Lifetime Trade Up!  

Our Price: $ 2,495

Chickering Grand 6’4″


Serial No. 126085, c. 1916.  Chickering is one of the oldest American piano companies, founded in Boston in 1823. In 1850, Henry Steinway attended a concert featuring performance on a Chickering grand piano. He was entranced by the experience and it provided inspiration to start Steinway & Sons! This 6’4” grand piano is in remarkable condition for being 102 years old! Recently acquired from a historic home on the hill. Includes gorgeous tapestry topped matching bench, 1-Year Full Warranty, and 100% Lifetime Trade Up. 

Our Price: $ 6,995

Pre-Owned Pianos Augusta, GA

Steinway & Sons Model M Walnut Satin Grand, 5’7″


Serial No. 163595

This “Studio Grand” was manufactured by Steinway & Sons in NY in 1913, and it features a warm walnut finish and its original ivory keys. At 5′ 7″ (170 cm) in length, this piano’s rich tone, responsive action and manageable size makes it perfect for conservatories, and many homes as well.  Rebuilt at some point in its lifetime, this piano is for one who wants the classic Steinway sound but not the usual ebony finish. Matching bench, 1-Year Full Warranty, and 100% Lifetime Trade Up included. 

Our Price: $ 25,000

Wurlitzer G-411 Baby Grand in Polished White


This Wurlitzer Baby Grand Model G-411, is 4’11” in length.  Serial No. 2051580, made in the USA in 1988.  Snow White polished finish.

Includes our 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and Lifetime 100% Full Trade Up!

Our Price: $ 4,200

W.W. Kimball Console in Light Oak Finish, 42″


Serial No. J42640

This WW Kimball 42” Console Piano is the Model 434F, and was manufactured right here in the USA, c. 1993.  It features a Light Oak Finish and includes it’s matching bench.  Excellent Touch & Tone!  Includes 100% Trade-Up to Retail for a Lifetime, and Turner’s 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

Our Price: $ 2,295

Steinway & Sons Model L Walnut Satin Grand, 5’11”


Serial No. 396711

This “Living Room Grand” was manufactured by Steinway & Sons in NY in 1966.  It features a walnut satin finish and includes the matching bench.  At 5′ 11″, the model L is the largest of Steinway’s “small grands.” Currently replaced by the model O, this design featured a square tail rather than round, providing a deeper tone without adding length to the cabinet. For those who demand a full tone but require a small footprint. Secure your investment with our 1-Year Full Warranty and 100% Lifetime Trade Up.

Our Price: $ 24,000

Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand, 9′


At 8′ 11¾” (274 cm) in length, this majestic musical instrument — the “pinnacle of concert grands” — is the overwhelming choice of the world’s greatest pianists and for anyone who demands the highest level of musical expression. Serial No. 588631 (c.2010) belongs to Steinway’s world renowned “Concert & Artist Bank” of performance instruments. Several hundred of these pianos are placed throughout the world in each dealer territory, to make the best pianos in the world available to the best pianists in the world wherever they travel. Most C&A pianos are utilized for 5-10 years in this capacity before being made available to the public for sale.  Due to its use on the concert stage, our model D has been impeccably maintained by the finest piano technicians to retain the highest concert performer specifications.   A great conversation piece, our model D has been signed by the concert pianists who have played it for local music events.  An absolute dream for the serious musician, this glorious instrument is now available for purchase at Turner’s!

Our Price: $ 152,000*

*The 2019 New York price for a new Model D is $ 176,300.